The Next Generation Linux OS

PhoenixOS is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for Home and Desktop use. It is developed and backed by R.A.C. Computers.

Our goal with PhoenixOS is to create a Linux Operating System that has the benefits of any commercial distribution or operating system, while still remaining free to anyone that wants to use it.

To accomplish this goal, PhoenixOS uses Kubuntu LTS releases as its base, and then adds to that base to create PhoenixOS. This is what I add(/will add):

Click & Run - Linux Software Center: to download and install thousands of free applications each with just one click, as well as many commercial programs as well.

User Interface - The interface of PhoenixOS has been designed to be effective to use, as well as polished and pleasing to look at. I also combine 3D graphics to enhance the user experience, provided by Compiz Fusion/Emerald.

Enhanced Applications - I have also enhanced many applications in PhoenixOS to make them easier to use, more usable, and nicer to look at. The most notable include Konqueror, Firefox,, XBMC, and Amarok.

Proprietary Applications - Phoenix OS includes some applications and plugins that most use out of the box, including Flash, Java, Adobe Acrobat, Skype, Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Player, Picasa and etc.

Porting Applications

-When provided programs do not meet our usability or functionality standards, I port the application to PhoenixOS and make it easy to install and configure. That means that I often wade through dependency hell, binary compatibilty, and even source compilation to make your program run on PhoenixOS.

Windows Applications - Over the years, Microsoft Windows has become the leading Operating System. When there is a leader of a market, you have to adapt. Some adapt by porting Windows applications to Linux. Others simply provide alternatives, even if they don't quite fit. I take an entirely different alternative. Instead, I try to actually run your Windows applications on PhoenixOS, using Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator). However, as Wine has difficulty running some applications, and some are more difficult to install than just clicking on the application installer file, I have added an easy to use front-end installer for Wine, called Winetricks.

Security - Since PhoenixOS is based on Debian/Kubuntu GNU/Linux, it is considerably immune to any viruses, spyware, or other malware. Your system will rarely slow down, even with a lot of applications installed.





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